Free scholarships for the felons

Available Programs for free scholarships for the felons: If it is related to life, then it just happens. Everyone makes mistakes in their own life in different ways. Some of these mistakes are minor, others may lead to serious trouble. Those who have faced jail in their life or have already been incarcerated for significant crimes and felonies, life and its prospects can seem black as compared to the normal people.

However, different grant programs are there for felons that offers them to pay the house bills, food, transportation bills and sometimes it also provides cash to the people to help them so that they can improve their situation. Some of these grant’s program is funded by the federal government, while the others are organised by the state or local bodies. Some program is run by the churches and the non-organisational bodies. There is no limit to how many different programs felon can apply for it’s a good idea to apply for the available programs where felons are eligible to apply.

Many groups are there to support the individuals who wants a second chance in there life such as convicted felons. For those who wants to pursue a degree from the college, for them there is scholarship through which they can pursue their dreams.

This college scholarships are something which is free. That means they must need not have paid back any kind of fee to apply for the scholarships or to receive it. Felons also will not pay it back. It is not like loans. These are awarded to the felons to help them to improve their life.

Free Foundations that provides free scholarships for felons

The Prison Education Foundation Scholarship

The prison education foundation provides several educational scholarships to both inmates and the ex-convicted. The number of scholarship program is available on the basis of donor funding. The scholarship is provided firstly to those who are successfully earned their GED at the time of incarceration and those who are willing and able to pay the part of their net cost of the tuition fees.

The amount of scholarship is not disclosed. The applicants must have a high school diploma holder or have the GED certificate. No GPS requirement is needed. Essay is Yes. The deadline must need to be determined.

Other Requirements for free scholarship for felons

Must be citizen of US.  Inmates must not have convicted any serious disciplinary crime within the past 12 months. Ex-prisoners must have been incarcerated in a state or in federal prison, on in a local jail, within the last 12 months. Ex-prisoners must have been incarcerated in a state or in federal prison, on in a local jail, within the last 12 months. If this condition is not met, the scholarship amount needed will be gone to a church, cooperation, or any third-party donors through designated or restricted donations. Must need to be accepted into an associate or baccalaureate degree program with a regionally accredited college or in university which is approved by the foundation of Prison Education.

Federal Pell grant for free scholarship for felons

This grant program is open for all the citizen who is under difficult economic crisis and under pressure to pay their first undergraduate degree. This Pell grant program can pay up to their total cost of attendance at any public school.

Felons who are convicted with drug, who are involuntarily committed for a sexual offense, or are currently incarcerated in any of the state or a federal institute are not eligible for this grant.

Federal Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

These grants are mainly offered through the participating schools in an amount between $100 to $4000 towards college expenses.

It is open for the incarcerated felons. Since the priority is given to students who is receiving Pell Grants, which is harder to qualify.

Creative Corrections Education Foundation

This organisation mainly offers the scholarships to help the felons grant for paying the tuition fees of the college. It is the non-profit organisation that is located in Texas, but it is not required that felons have to live in that state to get the scholarship. The amounts they provides to people are mainly given to them through the partnership with federal government, state or with the city corrections department. Till now they have given almost @200000 worth of college scholarships nearly to the hundred of students who are going to the college. To know more about this scholarship provided by Creative Corrections Education Foundation which are offers for the felons, click here.

Apply for other grants

If the person is convicted with the drug related crimes, the federal financial aid for him is suspended. The felons must need to either submit to and pass two unannounced drug tests which are run by the administration and approved by drug rehabilitation program or successfully complete the drug rehabilitation program to reinstated the grant program.

Different other financial grant program run by federal or state government or other charitable trusts have their own criteria. Felons must need to comply with all the deadline and application submission information for qualifying the process.

Need-based grant is applicable for the felons when they are in financial difficulties. However, disadvantaged and non-traditional students who is felon are also considers for this. Scholarships may have been based on merit and needs specific grades, test scores field of study, volunteer hours community service or many other things to qualify.

Osher Foundation Re-entry Program

These grant program offers by the Osher foundation is for free scholarships for felons that will help to improve their lives through giving the education. This scholarship is for the felons whose age is in between 20-25 and have been out of schooling for at least 5 years ago. This signifies that the applicants have never attended college, and at least the age of 25, or they have not been attending college for at least 5 years, then they are eligible for qualifying this. The application time is December 15 for those who are starting the program in spring. The foundation gives $5000 as reward. To know more about this program which offers fees to help the felons, click here.


Felons who wants to pursue their study after completing their conviction period and want to bring in their life in mainstream they might look for different scholarship programs if they are suffering from serious financial crisis. There are federal, state or other non-profit organisations are present who is providing grants to the felons so that they can afford their dream. For that they have to look for the different programs and need to apply for it.

Frequently asked questions

The scholarship is available for felons who wants to complete their study?

Yes there is a several scholarships who wants to pursue the study.

Who is eligible for the scholarship.

Different scholarship programs have their different criteria.

Felons who are convicted under drug or sexual rule are eligible for scholarships?

They need to wait either for two years or they need to pass the rehabilitation program approved by the federal or organisations.

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