Best Jobs for Felons in Alabama: What Are They?

Best Jobs are available for Felons in Alabama: If you are a felon and residing in Alabama then this can be a helpful article for you to find information. There are several jobs available for felons who have previous conviction records in Alabama. These various jobs are offered by different companies in Alabama and nearby areas.

The main aim of the companies is to get them back on track who want to rebuild their life.

It is very obvious that it might be very difficult for felons to find a right job option for them as they have a conviction record. You can find jobs in Alabama but not all industries are offering jobs to felons.

To help those felons, we have done some research about the companies who can offer jobs. In this article, we are going to discuss what kind of jobs you can get if you are a felon. You are suggested to read the article thoroughly to know more about this.

Felons in Alabama

There are three categories of criminal offense such as felonies, violations and misdemeanor. Felons are usually those who are convicted in a crime and get a sentence of more than a year in a state prison. There are a total of 4 classes of felonies starting from class A to Class D. Class A felonies can be categorized as the most offensive crime and D is the least offensive one. Alabama law says that your time period of sentence will depend on the severity of the crime committed by you. Several factors are taken into consideration like the circumstances and the previous record of the crime.

What are the jobs available in Alabama

There are several job opportunities there if you are a felon. You can apply for the job mentioned below:

  1. You can join a startup as they won’t check the background much. It can be a good opportunity for you if you join this.
  2. Restaurants do not verify the background of their staff so it is another option for you to find work if you are a felon.
  3. You would work on your own terms if you join as a truck driver. Most of the companies are friendly.
  4. You can work as a plumber or house inspector as it doesn’t require any kind of license or legal documents. So it might be a good option for felons in Alabama.
  5. Many people started creating content on YouTube by showcasing their respective talents. You can choose a niche of your preference and start making content on this.

List of Companies who are hiring felons in Alabama

There are several private companies in different industries who are hiring felons in Alabama. These include tech companies, food industries, clothing brands, furniture companies, delivery services in Alabama. Companies from the whole world have set their business over there hiring based on the skills irrespective of the background. So it is very much obvious that you will get a job if you have certain required qualities. These companies will offer you a job even if you have a conviction record.

Companies that hire places in Alabama

There are companies who are hiring felons in Alabama and nearby areas. They are Aamco Abbott Labs, American Airline, American Express , American Financial, Ace Hardware ADM, American Greeting, Ameriprise

Andersen,  Windows, Apple, Alaska Airlines

Albertsons, Allied Van Lines, Allstate, Altri,Baskin Robbins, Baxter, Big Boy Restaurants,Black & Decker, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Boeing, Braum’s

Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Best Western

Bridgestone Americas, Buffalo Wild Wings

Coldwell Banker, Calvin Klein Campbell Soup

Captain D’s, Carl’s Jr., Carrier, Casio, Caterpillar

CDW, Conagra Foods, Concentrix, Dairy Queen

Darden, Dart Containers, Deer Park Spring Water

Delta Airlines, Delta Faucets, Domino’s,

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Dunkin’ Donuts, DuPont, Duracell, Eddie Bauer, Eddie V’s

Embassy Suites, Enterprise Rent a Car

Epson, Family Dollar, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Federal Express, Firestone Auto Care, Food Giant, Food Services of America

Fred’s, Fruit of the Loom, Fujifilm, Genentech

General Electric, General Mills

Georgia-Pacific, Golden Corral, Great Clips

Greyhound, Hanes, HH Gregg, Hilton Worldwide

Home Depot, Huddle House, IBM, IHOP, IKEA, United Airlines, United States Steel, US Foods

Verizon, Vons, W.W. Grainger, Walgreens, Walmart, Illinois Tool Works, In-N-Out Burger

International Paper, Kmart, Kohl’s, Kraft Foods

Longhorn Steakhouse, Lowe’s, Macy’s

McDonald’s, Sears, Seasons 52

Shell, Shoprite Supermarkets, Sony, Sprint,, Sysco, Target, Tesla, Trader Joe’s

Tyson Foods, U.S. Cellular, McLane Food Service, Menards, Men’s Wearhouse, Metals USA, Safeway, Salvation Army, Sam’s Club

Sara Lee Corporation, U-Haul, Unifirst

and many more.

Places that offer jobs for felons in Alabama

There are some places that offer funds for felons like indeed, up work, fiverr, people per hour, etc. You can use the search engines for these places to find an appropriate job for you. You can also apply for a job that does not check the background of the felons.

Felons often think they cannot get a job if they have a previous criminal record. But this is not true. There are different jobs for previously convicted people. The labor source in Alabama is taking felons and offering them jobs that can help them financially. There are several employees working as they have got a second chance.

There is a movement that claims to offer jobs to ex offenders. There are companies who have collaborated with different colleges to update the skills of the employees and so that they provide efficient work to the respective companies.

This article doesn’t promise you to get a job, but you are hereby requested to apply for all the jobs that you are qualified for. It might get difficult for you to get it instantly, but be patient. You are suggested to sign up your information to every possible source to get notified when there’s a new job vacancy.

Other options for felonies in Alabama

As we mentioned above, those online platforms are there that offer jobs to felons. If you are unable to find an offline job or not getting selected by the company, then you can easily apply for the online jobs just by creating your own account and updating your profile with specific skills.

You need to build a skill that is demanding to market and based on that you can easily get a job. You will be recognised as a contractor and it will increase your probability of getting a job as there won’t be any kind of thorough background check. These jobs basically pay by hour and if you need more money to rebuild your life then you can work according to that. These jobs are all online jobs so it will save your time and you don’t have to go anywhere else. It tends to save both of your time and energy.

Rebuilding the life of felons seems to be tough. Several times there is a possibility that felons may face the financial difficulties to set their life. These circumstances majorly happen because they are between their jobs, medical issues are also there, or may be something else that caused this situation. To overcome the issues there are many options available. These provide direction and support towards stable life. The felons will find many excellent directories and resources that will give them jobs, legal, financial help and many other things. In Alabama, the central and state government has organized different financial assistant programs to support the felons. Some of the renowned programs are Alabama second chance program, re-entry assistance, Alabama grant assistance programs etc.

Housing assistance program for felons in Alabama

If the felons need any kind of housing assistance there are several programs which they can turn on. This house assistantship program is offered by the federal government. This assistance program for providing houses which is mainly offered by the government basically aimed to help the felons so that they can locate an affordable house or to provide them the monetary assistance for paying the rent of the houses.

The advantage of this housing assistance program is that the amount received by the felons doesn’t have to return it to the government. If the felons receive house grants or any kind of vouchers for paying the rent, they have to think that it is a gift which they don’t need to be paid back at all. The lists provided below are the options, through which felons should be able to find housing assistance to help get them on their feet.
There are different housing programs available in Alabama which are offered by Alabama housing authority, felony friendly apartments, rental programs by the Alabama government.


In this article, we have mentioned all the possible ways to get jobs in Alabama for a felon. Alabama can be considered as a felon friendly place as they offer several types of jobs to ex offenders to help them into making their life more normal . There are several companies like tech companies, hotels, warehouses, cooking sectors, healthcare jobs, retail jobs available largely for felons.

Not only that, felons do receive other financial assistance and housing assistance from the government and several organizations to make their lives more smooth. These measures have been designed to help them so that they can rebuild their life.

Companies like Apple, Alaska Airlines Albertsons, Allied Van Lines, Allstate, Altri,Baskin Robbins, Baxter, Big Boy Restaurants,Black & Decker, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Boeing, Braum’s, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Best Western, Microsoft, Google are offering several jobs to felons in Alabama.

You can find jobs in several online platforms like fiverr, up work, etc as we mentioned above. This will automatically save your time and energy as well as you will be able to work in flexible hours.

We have provided enough details that will eventually help you to get an idea about your career in Alabama if you are a felon. You can visit the respective company website according to your capability and preferences to have more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the felons in Alabama ?

There are 3 categories for people who commit crime and felons are one of them. Felons in Alabama are usually those who have got sentences of more than 1 year in a state prison or death.

Can a felon get a passport in Alabama?

If you have a conviction record then it doesn’t disqualify you from owning a passport in Alabama. Only felons with specific records can not have passports like drug convictions.

Can a felon get a job at Amazon in Alabama?

Yes, a felon in Alabama can get a job at Amazon. They hire felons whose crime is more than 7 years old. They do have some specific terms of condition of hiring a felon. They can offer temporary jobs to the felons in Alabama based on the conviction type and whether it is a repetitive attempt or not.

Can a felon join the military?

Yes, a felon can join the military in Alabama if they qualify other mental and physical requirements. But you cannot join the military if you are under conviction or probation period. Jobs in the military are all about moral standards, convicted felons are not allowed in the military due to different circumstances.

Can a felon join Microsoft?

Yes, research has been shown that Microsoft is open for ex offenders. They do design a few job titles exclusively for felons who have previous conviction records. If you are a felon you are hereby requested to go through their terms and conditions before applying it to them.

Can a felon get a job at Google?

Sometimes google offers some jobs to felons. If you are lucky enough you can have a job from google if you meet their certain criteria. Google does background checks so you need to be very careful about your previous crime. They keep updating the job vacancies so you are hereby suggested to check the website time to time.

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