Driving Job for felons

How Driving Jobs Can Provide Second Chances for Felons: Felons who are searching for a new career to improve their lifestyle and want to spend their daily needs can consider driving jobs as their profession which is high in demand. There are many jobs of driving available for the felons, and it gives them the ability to be on the road, move around the city, and hit the open road. If they enjoy driving, they can consider this as a profession. They can drive locally, or they can drive across the country. They have the option to choose.

Several types of driving jobs are available for the felons. It simply no matter what kind of job actually felons love to do or are interested in, they are able to find one which will help to meet their needs and goals. Once the felon decides to be in this profession, they can explore it in more depth to search what type of jobs there are in this field in their own area.

Felons will not face any difficulties to get the driving job. Many of the places where the drivers are hired, they also accept the felons as a driver. To get this driving job one thing that is mandatory is to know the driving and they have to be good in that skill. It is very much important that the felons do not have a lot of tickets or infractions on the record. It helps to build the trust you have for the company during the job. For few of the positions, felons need to get a CDL license, which is available in the local driver’s license office.

Can felon able to get the CDL license?

There are several USA truck companies who hire convicted felons. If the felons are truck drivers and under the conviction of a felony in the USA, then they may have been worried about getting the truck driving job. We will not give the felons a positive assurance. Yes, it is difficult to get the license for felons and there is no doubt in it. But one of the tips we will give the felons is to be honest with the employer. Some of the crimes disqualify the felons from CDL training on an immediate basis. Also, candidates cannot take the CDL training when their license is under suspension conditions, such as driving under the influence. If the warrant is issued for the felons in any state, it is considered as a serious felony and disqualifies the felons on an immediate basis.

What is driving under the influence?

Sudden crimes like murder, smuggling, bribery, arson, treason, assault and kidnapping are considered as a felony of driving under the influence. Also, driving a truck without a license and reckless driving is also considered as a serious crime.

There are different driving jobs are available for the felons

Local driving jobs

There are several local driving jobs like delivery jobs, and many others which need to drive a truck or car. In these delivery jobs it is possible to deliver soda, inflatable slides, or other kinds of soft drinks. Felons need to check the local help wanted ads which are mainly asking for the truck driving jobs, and several jobs are available in this field. For the local truck driving jobs, search for delivery positions in their own area.

Where and how to apply: Felons can easily find the truck driving delivery job needed for soda, beverage or alcohol delivery centres in their own area. These kinds of jobs give felons to set schedules, where they can get the job of delivering the product every day. In addition, with this there are many places in recent times that need food delivery drivers, like to deliver pizza and takeout from other restaurants. These jobs often demand to use their own vehicle, which gives the chance to earn on an hourly basis along with the tips.

Taxi driver jobs

If you live in a city you will definitely find some taxi driving jobs as so many people are travelling across the city. Even if you are a felon you will get some kind of taxi driving job without any hassle. This will allow you to make more contacts by meeting new people everyday. You can get this job from local car owners or even from some car institutions, if you have enough money you can buy your own car and start a business. You will get car loans if you want.

Eligibility criteria

There’s no eligibility criteria for becoming a taxi driver. You will get the job if you can drive well. You only are required to have a legal driving license.

Where and how to apply

You can contact local taxi owners to find jobs. You can even go to some non profit organizations where you will get a free car and loan to buy your own car.

Personal driving services

This will be of some personal driver or chauffeur as many people need it on a daily basis to go somewhere like an office airport etc. You can provide them with a shuttle taxi and chauffeur in order to give them a hassle free ride. This can be a way to a long lasting job solution.

Eligibility criteria

You don’t need to worry even if you are a felon as you are only required to have a driving license as well as driving skills.

Where and how to apply

You can start it now if you have a car or you can become a driver to someone’s personal car.

Equipment driving jobs

Equipment driving jobs are mainly found in  construction sites and some production industries, you can find plenty of equipment driving Jobs if you are living in a city. There are people who buy equipment for several work purposes but don’t know how to use it. You can help them by delivering those equipment.


You don’t need any prior experience or qualifications to become the driver. But you should definitely learn the drive.

Where and how to apply

You are suggested to contact those local equipment dealers and construction agencies who need people to deliver the products. Also you can work as a freelancer with some private sectors.

Felon-friendly delivery jobs

Either felons grants can get a job as a food delivery driver which depends on the delivery service that felons are applying for. It is very standard things in gig economy to check the backgrounds of the delivery drivers through an automated tools call checkr. The use of these kind of automatic tool make it a bit more difficult for the felons to get a job as a food delivery driver, but it is not impossible. The chance of passing the background check is completely depends on the position for which felons applying for. Also, on the kind of offenses they cam committed enlisted in the record.

Is felon is eligible for a CDL?

The job of driving truck is lonely job. However, for many of the felons it is an ideal job as because they do not have to depend on the judgements o others. They even like the lack of supervision regarding this job. After stayed in prison under the observation, they started to enjoy this liberty. They also like this job because of the freedom. It is very refreshing for them to be on the open road rather than staying in the confined spaces of prison. It also gives the chance t travel throughout the country. These also paid a high amount of salary to the felons. As they work a s vocational, the training is much shorter and also very cheap than a degree. Truck driving jobs required commercial driving licences (CDL). TO get the CDL felons need to fulfil certain requirements. For this they need to join truck driving schools and also, they need to check which school gives the chance to felon for this study.


It is observed from the previous analysis that there is an availability of getting driving jobs for the felons. Several kinds of jobs like delivery driver, food delivery driver and even truck driving jobs are there. Though getting CDL which is required for the truck driving is difficult but not impossible. The driving jobs pay them a high salary. And also, sometimes who are associated with the delivery job they might got the tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs is more available for the felons?

Driving jobs are available for the felons. A felon can be a truck driver and car driver as well. They can also apply for delivery jobs which includes food delivery.

Is Getting CDL For Felons difficult to Get?

Yes, getting a CDL is difficult. But you can definitely get it by showing relevant documents and proof. You can also join CDL academy.

How the background of the felons is checked?

Through an automatic background checking system like Checkr it is possible to check the details of the applicant.

How the felons can get the job of driving?

felons can get the job of driving Through applying different companies they can get the job.

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