Grants for felons in Kansas

Free Programs for grants for felons in Kansas : The felons of Kansas will find that there a various grant programs for them if they want to spend their rest of the life in a good way. The grants programs are ready to assist them when they are in financial difficulties. Several grant programs for felons of Kansas will help them to pay the rent of the house, buying food, clothes, groceries, healthcare support, and sometimes provide cash grants. The grants program varies according to the qualification and the process of application so it is recommended to read the information carefully.

These grants differ from the loans. Loans are something that needs to paid back after certain time. But these are not need to paid back. The grants that are listed below when people received this they are considered as a gift to help those in need. Felons of the city can obtain the assistance they need without having to worry about trying to paid it back. It is always recommended to everyone that apply for all the grants if you are eligible.

Who can apply?

If you are a felon and living in Kansas then all these programs are for you. Although different organisations have different criteria that you are required to fulfill. But in general felons in need can generally apply for these grants. You are suggested to visit their official website to get more information on this.

Federal grant for Felons

The way to get this grant is to apply for a federal Pell grant. Pell grants are the program of the US government that gives a subsidy to provide financial education support for the students who is eligible for the grant.

Felon can also apply for this financial education aid program from the government, most importantly if they do not have the means to have a decent education, especially in college.

The information is listed below for the Pell grant:

  1. This grant program is for the undergraduate students who wants to continue the bachelor’s program and the next professional degree.
  2. If you are felon and are in prison, then you may have limited eligibility for the student loan, but with appropriate filling and good statistics, they are eligible to get the Pell grant

Second Chance Risk Reduction Centre

This program is focused to help convicted felon grants to get a second chance in the society to spend their daily life in a normal way. This program will help people especially felons with jobs skills, to find affordable housing and providing a one-time cash assistance grant. If applicant wants to know more about the Second Chance Program in Kansas or apply for help, click here.

Catholic Charities

This organisation is ready to help the felons by providing the clothes, food, and may also help to pay bills. They do not have certain requirements that needs to be met in order to be approved. To know more about this, click here.

Available Jobs for Felons in Kansas

To help the felons, several job options are there for them. Some of the options are compiled in this document. Some of the best skills that can be learn to get the jobs for the felons in Kansas are described here.

Truck driving job for felons

Truck driving job is a heavenly job for anybody who have the record. The truck driving companies employ anyone who is qualified irrespective of their previous life. It is considered as a welcome news since it isn’t like the other companies which discriminate the people with their records.

If the people have their own truck driving license, then they can easily get this job in Kansas City. It is the primary requirement to get this job. It is more than just driving a conventional car.

Customer service representative jobs for felons

If the person is good in solving problems and helping others, then becoming a customer service representative is a good option for them. As a customer service representative, they just need connect with the customers in place of a company. Person needs to provide all the detailed information of the company’s services to them, need to answer the question of the customer and take orders.

Entrepreneurship programs jobs for felons

This entrepreneurship programs do not provide the direct funding to the person or the organisation, they only offer valuable skill development courses, mentorship and other resources. Some of the organisations even work with the individual person while incarcerated, prepare them for the entrepreneurship after being released from the jail.

Some entrepreneurship programs that target the ex-felons and inmates in their job are:

Defy Venture jobs for felons

This Defy Venture’s have many programs that train entrepreneurs with the required skills as well as habits for starting a new business.

Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP): Under this PEP scheme a six months entrepreneurship program is organised where participants work one by one with volunteers to brainstorm  business ideas, and also work on their business initiatives and plans and learn different skills. Graduate can also earn a certificate in Entrepreneurship from Baylor’s University’s Hankamer School of Business.

Inmates to Entrepreneurs jobs for felons

With this eight week course, students can learn the basics starting, running and growing a new ventures. They learn different business skills, from developing business idea and marketing to sales and customer service. Graduate can earn a certificate once it gets complete.

Project ReMADE training programs for felons

This is a 12-week entrepreneurship training program that formerly teaches incarcerated people the basic business skills, including negotiations and accounting. Project pass out is able to present their own business ideas to a panel of executives and participate in a competition ceremony which is held at Stanford Law School.

The Last Mile jobs for felons

This is a non-profit organisation that teaches valuable skills on business and technology to the ex-felons and incarcerated persons. Inmates can work in their web development shop on funded projects and build their portfolios before entering the tech job market after being released.


In Kansas several job opportunities and business options are available for the felons. The grant program is also available for them to bring their life in a normal way. If the person is eligible, they can easily apply for it. It is recommended that one person can apply for many grants if they find it suitable. For this they need to study the programs in detail. This article is helpful for them to get the idea. 

We have discussed all the programs that will help you to find a perfect solution for your problem. We hope that this article will be helpful to you in the future.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the grant program being available for the felons in Kansas?

Yes the grant program is available for the felons in the city. But you need to show your valid address and proof in order to get qualified quickly. Be careful about the authenticity of the documents.

How many grants they can apply?

If eligible they can apply all. You can apply to as many grants as you want. Check the criteria before applying to it. You shouldn’t leave a chance so you are hereby suggested to apply to all grants you are eligible to

Which job role is more lucrative for the felons and why?

Truck driving jobs are more lucrative to them and this job do not check the past records.So even if you are a felon it doesn’t decrease your chances of getting those job. It is relatively easier to apply.

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