$1,000 Personal Grant from MicroGrants

Discover How To Receive A $1,000 Personal Grant From MicroGrants: A $1000 Personal grant from micro grants is designed for felons who need money to fulfill their dreams and pay to educational institutions etc. It will allow them to live a normal life.Felons who are suffering due to the financial issues and face the difficulties to pass through these challenges. There are several occasions when the emergency situation will occur that lead to financial problems, or bills that arise that some one cannot expect at that moment. The financial stress either because the money is needed for repairing the car or the stove which is no longer working. For all these things everybody needs an extra amount of money at a time. If this kind of situation arises, felons can apply for $1,000 Personal Grant form MicroGrants.

The grant is ideal for the felons who are working, but still the income is low and find that they have some additional expenses that they need to meet up. Then most people at some time experience a surprise expense that comes up, such as a bill or repair that is important. Without an increase in one’s income, it can make it difficult to pay that unexpected bill or expenses. The MicroGrants is the organisation that provides $1,000 as a personal grant. This grant is to help for such things like to support the small business ideas, transportation costs, and the educational goals. If felons who are suffering due the above-mentioned problems or need this kind of support for them it is useful to improve the situation.

Eligibility criteria for $1,000 Personal Grant from MicroGrants

The grant is for those felons who are working but the income is low. They can apply for jobs made possible through an organisation named MicroGrants. The organisation mission is to focus on helping the felons and make positive changes through small acts. They assist those who have jobs but need some sudden additional amount. It is not like loans and do not have to be paid back. If the felons are awarded with the $1,000grants provided by the organisation each year and the successful candidate does not have to pay back the amount. It is a gift that is given to someone to help in their emergency situation to help them to reach their goal. If the amount is approved, no strings attached.

There are many felon grants are available which only provides to the organisation or businesses. It is not easy to find the grants available for the individuals. In this perspective the MicroGrants differ from others. Felons can easily apply for the funds given by this organisation, because it is provided only for the individuals.

This grant is only given for the personal uses. Individuals are eligible to apply for this grant. Felons who have their own personal need can apply for this grant. To qualify for this grant just need to be from the low-income group. The mission of this organisation is to give the grant to the felons and improve their live by engaging them in several fields. Three main areas are there where this grant is given, education, small business and transportation. Grants that are given for the education purposes to help pay for training programs or expenses that includes education training. Grants given for the small businesses will support to buy supplies, making improvements, or to help with the costs associated with starting a small business. Transportation grants can be used to repair the vehicles, or to purchase the car or to pay for obtaining the licences.

Way to apply for $1,000 Personal Grant from MicroGrants

The grant provided by the MicroGrnats organisations is mainly provided through the donations that the organisation obtained from individuals or from the corporations. They work with the partner agencies to raise the funds so that they can provide the grants to felons for improving their lives. Some of the agencies are goodwill, Easter Seals, and Emerge that help to raise the fund of this organisations. Felons need to contact to this partner agencies and they will help them to submit the applications. The partner agencies will directly submit the application to MicroGrants. Once they receive the grants, they will decide whom to provide the grants. It is possible to apply for this grant in each year if needed. Just continue to go through one of the partner agencies. At the time of applying just need to give the idea that the thing for which felons are seeking for the grant must need to justify the reason, Then the chance of getting the grant will increase. If it falls into above-mentioned three sectors then also the possibility of getting the grant will be easier. Most of the grant will be from these three sectors. Some of the grant is there that does not meet these criteria.

The way to get successful for $1,000 Personal Grant from MicroGrants

After submitting the application, it will go through the review process. Within two weeks’ time the successful candidates will be awarded with the funds. The fund of the grants supports the individual are not all which is common. Only few organisations are there that provides the individual grants. The grants provided by the MicroGrants are useful for the felons, because it is one of the programs that will provide help when it is required. When there is an emergency, this grant plays a role to meet the requirement and the expenses.

Benefits of this grant

You should consider yourself lucky if you can get this grant. Once you get qualified you will be eligible to apply for this every year which will allow you to get plenty of opportunities from it. This grant has many benefits that we are going to discuss.

  • You don’t need to repay it back as you will get it as a help.
  • You will be able to use this cash for paying your college, bills, foods, transportation and many more.
  • The application procedure is easy and they don’t have some strict eligibility criteria as well.


Felons who are suffering due to the unexpected expenses, either it is because of the emergency situation or something else, are consider to get financial assistance through this grant of $1000 program provided by the MicroGrants. It is a good idea to apply for a grant through the organisations to see if they can get financial assistances to meet the demand. Either it is like that felons consume the bills that didn’t expenses and fallen behind due to an illness the grant may be exactly that what they need to help get them through the difficulties. Felons do not have lose anything for applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for this grant?

The grant is for those felons who are working but the income is low. They can apply for jobs made possible through an organisation named MicroGrants.

How much will I get from this grant?

If you match all the required qualifications then they will provide you $1000 as a personal grant.

Can I apply online?

Yes, you can. They have their official website where you can apply through it.

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