$1,000 First Hands Medical Expense Grant

Get Your Medical Expenses Covered With The $1,000 First Hands Grant:- One of the most common reasons that felons struggle with being able to meet the ends is the medical expenses. The cost of the medical care is very high and doesn’t keep pace with the wages that are needed to pay for them. The felons who have children also need medical care or expenses. They are also eligible to for a  $1,000 First Hands Medical Expense Grant.

Felons who have children who are diagnosed with a disease or who are suffering with an illness may find that they need this financial help to meet the medical expenses. The family needs to buy the medical equipment or the support system and pursue the treatment. For all these they may need the help from the organisations to meet the expenses. Felons who are struggling to secure the money so that they can pursue medical treatment can apply for a grant to get help paying for their medical needs.

Eligibility criteria of $1,000 First Hands Medical Expense Grant

Felons whose child needs medical care or suffering due to acute illness it becomes costly for them to bear the cost. If they need to buy a wheelchair, crutches or other medical devices it becomes challenging for them to pay the amount then this fund is there to pay for such things. In this situation, the First hands Medical Expense Grant comes in. The medical expense grants that they provide are designed to help the felons so that they can cover the medical expenses that would otherwise become difficult to meet.

First Hands Medical Expense Grants are for the parents who have medical expenses due to their children. This medical grant is for those people who live in the United States only. The foundation does work with some international providers, however, if felons live out of the country and need financial assistance. The medical expenses will be paid to the child whose age is below 18 years or just reach the 18 years. It is essential that they also need to be under the care of a paediatrician.

Way to apply for $1,000 First Hands Medical Expense Grant

Felons can complete the application in an online method for the medical expense grant. The organisation provides everything on their website. It is necessary to mail the application in this organisation. It is essential to download the application from the website, complete the application and then send it to the First-hand organisation by mail. The office is located in North Kansas, Missouri. It is also possible to fax the documents, if the felons find the route more convenient. The persons are available to answer the question in email. After submitting the application, it needs to cover all the details in specific, so felons will need to know exactly what type of medical expense felons will be paying for if felons receive the funds. If the felons have the health insurance, then they will not receive the grants. The grant is for those who don’t have health insurance. The income limit is also there. Felons who can apply for the grant their family income needs to be in limit. The limit of the family must need to be $55,000. Some of the expenses that can be covered with the grant that include treatment and equipment. The organisation does give medical expense grants to help cover the costs associated with travel and lodging, as well as making vehicle modifications. The grant will continue for only 12 months.

The way to get selected for $1,000 First Hands Medical Expense Grant

There are some medical expenses that are not covered with this grant. The expenses like treatment and equipment are not covered with this grant. These include home modifications, vehicle purchases, past medical bill payment assistance, deductibles and therapy dogs. Felony grants need to keep this in mind at the time of completing the grant application, it’s important to apply for help covering those expenses for which the program will pay for.

After the grant application is received by the organisation it will go through a review process. A case manager will follow up regarding the application, and need to ask for other additional information which is important. If the grant is approved felons will receive the amount to meet the medical expenses that are needed.

Felons and other general people may at times have the medical expenses for their children who are suffering due to illness. Those expenses may be a challenge which they can’t overcome. This makes it important to find resources you can turn to during a difficult financial situation. Felons want to ensure their child is healthy and needs the care and treatments that are prescribed. Paying for them should not be something that puts families in debt.


By applying for the First-Hand Medical Expense Grant felons can meet the required financial demand which is required for their child treatment who are suffering due to the illness. To help them the grant is essential. In addition, with this, felons will not have to stress over how to pay for those things. A medical expense grant can help make difficult situations easier. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is a $1000 first hand medical expense grant?

This specific grant intends to help felons who are suffering from a medical condition and don’t have enough money to afford the expense.

What are the eligibility criteria for this grant?

Felons who are parents and struggling to afford children’s medical expenses can apply for this grant. Those who stay in the US are eligible for it.

Can I apply online?

Yes, they have their official website so you can easily apply to them. Although you can visit the office in Missouri if needed.

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