Grants and scholarships for felons who are going back to college

Many groups are there to support the individuals who want a second chance in their life such as convicted felons. For those who want to pursue a degree from college, there is a scholarship through which they can pursue their dreams.

These college scholarships are something which is free. That means they must not have paid back any kind of fee to apply for the scholarships or to receive it. Felons also will not pay it back. It is not like loans. These are awarded to the felons to help them to improve their life.

Everyone makes mistakes in their own life in different ways. Some of these mistakes are minor, others may lead to serious trouble. Those who have faced jail in their life or have already been incarcerated for significant crimes and felonies, life and its prospects can seem black as compared to the normal people.

However, different grant programs are there for felons that offers them to pay the house bills, food, transportation bills and sometimes it also provides cash to the people to help them so that they can improve their situation. Some of these grant’s program is funded by the federal government, while the others are organised by the state or local bodies. Some program is run by the churches and the non-organisational bodies. There is no limit to how many different programs felon can apply for it’s a good idea to apply for the available programs where felons are eligible to apply.

Federal Pell grant for felons

This grant program is open for all the citizens who are under a difficult economic crisis and under pressure to pay for their first undergraduate degree. This Pell grant program can pay up to their total cost of attendance at any public school.

Felons who are convicted with drugs, who are involuntarily committed for a sexual offense, or are currently incarcerated in any of the state or a federal institute are not eligible for this grant. An eligible student can get upto 150% of his or her total educational expenses. You can get $1000 per year to fulfill your educational needs.

How to apply for Pell grant for felons

If you are a felony grants and want to go to college then you are required to fill the FAFSA form every year so that you can appear for the student list. According to your eligibility criteria you will receive the grant in order to bear your educational expenses. Pell grant is very renowned as the biggest scholarship grant provided by the federal government in the states.

Can I go to college if I’m a felon?

This can be the biggest confusion for those who have a conviction record and yet want to join school or college again. The answer is yes, you can definitely join a school even if you have criminal records. Although it may decrease your chances of getting admission where they don’t accept felons. But we are glad to inform you that there are schools where the authority does accept the ex felons as a students. Though you can check their eligibility criteria before applying to the schools.

Scholarship programs for felons

Scholarship programs are very different from the scholarship grant where you need to pay back the amount you have taken from the organization. There are some organizations who are eager to help ex-felons who are interested in starting their college career again. There are no such numbers of scholarships that you can apply for. For these programs you need not to pay the amount back, which might help you to reduce your burden and an ex-felon can easily avail those scholarships by having required qualifications. There are few organizations like The Prisoner Reentry Institute ,  Creative Corrections education foundation, Prison Scholar funds that are providing such scholarships to ex-felons. Click Here

Grant watch for felons

There are different companies who provide educational grant each and every year. You can just check the official website of them to get updated. Although they might do some background check before giving you the scholarship grant. Every time new companies start giving scholarships grant to ex felons who are interested in going back to school. If you start checking the websites regularly you will start noticing which new companies or institutions are providing new scholarships to ex felons. For getting more information you can Click here.

2nd chance 4 felons

This organization will help you to get a second chance in your life if you have a previous conviction record. You will get guidance and financial assistance from them that will eventually help you to overcome your situation. You will also receive a scholarship grant if you want to go back to college.

Eligibility criteria of 2nd chance 4 felons

They do not have some strict eligibility criteria. Only you are required to belong to low income families and need to have a previous conviction record in order to get their assistance as well as the scholarship.

How to apply for 2nd chance 4 felons

You can visit their official website for an application form. You are required to visit their official website to know more.

United Negro College fund(UNCF)

If you are looking for a scholarship program that will help you to go back to college, then this can be a perfect choice for you. This organization has helped more than millions of students in past years to continue their education. They spent a lot of money in a scholarship program around $100 million. They will provide you with a scholarship but you don’t need to repay back.

Eligibility criteria of United Negro College fund(UNCF) for Felons

Ex offenders are eligible for this scholarship if they don’t have the capability to pay their college fees.

How to apply for United Negro College fund(UNCF) for Felons

You can apply based on your courses, degrees etc. You can directly apply through their official website. Click here for the application details.

Sallie Mae fund scholarships

If you are a felon who belongs from low income families then you will be able to get this scholarship. They intend to help low income and minority students to go back to college. You will be awarded the scholarship to pay your educational expenses.

Eligibility criteria of Sallie Mae fund scholarships for Sallie Mae fund scholarships

You need to belong from low income families and you should be from a minority community to get the grant.

How to apply for Sallie Mae fund scholarships for Sallie Mae fund scholarships

You can visit their official website to get more information on this. Click here for more


Felons who wants to pursue their study after completing their conviction period and want to bring in their life in mainstream they might look for different scholarship programs if they are suffering from serious financial crisis. There are federal, state or other non-profit organisations are present who is providing grants to the felons so that they can afford their dream. For that they have to look for the different programs and need to apply for it.

We have already mentioned few grants especially Pell grants. After reading this article we hope that you will be able to get a thorough idea that ex felons can rejoin a school or college if they want. We assume that this grant helped you to gather much more knowledge regarding this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FAFSA do background check?

No, FAFSA doesn’t check your background. They do have some eligibility criteria that you are required to follow but they do not go thorough any kind of background verification that might lower your chances.

What can disqualify you from getting the school and college grants?

If you have very serious conviction record such as sexual harassment and rape, domestic abuse etc. These kind of crimes including drugs can disqualify you from receiving the grant.

Is it very difficult to get admission in school if I’m a felon?

Partially it might get difficult for getting admission anywhere if you have previous convictions record. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get it anywhere as many institutions offer education to ex felons to enhance their dreams.

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