CHIP for felons

Different Tips for CHIP Coverage for Felons: A health insurance coverage is needed for the children of the felons and they need to make sure about it. But the problem is that health insurance is not cheap even if it is done for one or two children. This makes the felons prepare medical insurance for their children. In this condition, there is good news. Federal government has several programs that will surely help the felons to get medical insurance for their children. One of the federal grant programs is Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which will be provided to felons that will give them the surety of the insurance they need for their children. It is part of the government’s medical program. The only difference is that it only concentrated on making sure that children of the felons have health insurance.

Life insurances for felons

Yes there is life insurance for the people, but free grants felon who is under the conviction there is limited option for them. Some insurance companies give the chance to the felons to apply for the traditional life insurance policies if they meet some certain criteria. As an example, felons might get the traditional life insurance if they satisfy some rules, i.e., the convicted year must not cross 10 or more than 10 years ago (for certain crimes it is allowed for 20 years), they have not been in a parole or probation for at least 10 years, they must convict under the charges like rape, murder, attempt to murder or manslaughter etc.

However, different insurance companies have their own rules for the applicants, and some only offers the policies for the convicted felons with a guaranteed issue life insurance or a policy associated with an accidental death benefit. The year of conviction is considered for this kind of policy. Felons need to learn about different types of insurance policies and for that they have to know which and where to ask.

Auto insurance for felons

The insurance is rated with the risk associated and auto insurance is one of the highest risk associated insurance policy. There are car insurance companies who are looking forward to making a profit, so it always evitable if the risk is higher the rate of charging becomes high.

The companies that provide car insurances check a wide range of factors to assess a person’s risk. Under these assessment criteria several factors like age, job, marital status, they have their own home, credit score and the past record of the driving etc. The car insurance companies check the driving record to assess the criminal records or criminal activities they have or not. The higher risk because they consider this as a proof that they are more like to engage in reckless or dangerous behaviour

Health insurance scheme for ex-felons

Medicaid is one of the health insurance program which is mainly offered by the federal government specially for the poor and the ex-felons. Under federal law, state government must need to give this Medicaid to the children, pregnant women and also the disable persons who is from the low-income families. The states are not bound to give the Medicaid insurance to the adults whose age is under 65, and the women who are not pregnant to not the person without disabilities. Some minority of sate does this, but most of the state do not.

Since the recently released prisoners are not pregnant or disabled, the huge majority of the felons do not receive Medicaid or any kind of health insurance scheme. The studies show many from the country do not receive any treatment for chronic conditions or continue medication prescribed at the time they spend in prison. They also can’t afford to visit to the doctor for the primary care, relying instead on emergency rooms which is an expensive way of delivering medical care.

Eligibility for CHIP for Felons

Felons whose income is below 150% of the federal poverty level will not be eligible to get any premiums higher than what is allowed for the Medicaid program. The people who si under the coverage of Medicaid program do not have to pay anything. Their health care coverage is majorly paid by the government.

Felons whose income is higher than 150% of the federal poverty level have to engage in a cost sharing plan. It means they need to pay the medical bills, but they just need to pay 5% of their total income.

Children whose age is below 19 are only eligible for this CHIP program. They need to be uninsured, and they must be citizens of the country or legal aliens. They should be the resident of the state for which their parent is applying for the insurance in. Children who are incarcerated or are mental patients are not eligible for this program.

How to apply for CHIP program

The CHIP program is basically offered on a state level basis. You can apply for it to know whether you are qualified or not. Most of the states accept online application forms but you can also go in person and collect the form.

You need to show your address proof household bills as proof that you are unable to pay the medical expenses. After submitting all the documents you will get qualified and receive the assistance. You can use it to pay for the medical expenses of your child. This will cover all kinds of medical issues and their expenses.

The government offers an incredible scheme where you will get instant assistance for your child. They will assume that you are qualified to receive it and will help you. Although detailed verification will be done later.

Felons who require medical insurance for their children can apply for it.


The study provides the knowledge of different health schemes for the felons and for their children. Health insurance schemes are costly for the country and those who are not eligible for getting the scheme federal have few health schemes for them and for their child. Medicaid, auto insurance are there which specially for the poor felons. They need to meet certain criteria. CHIP is one of the programs which provides insurance for the children of the felons. Few criteria need to satisfy for getting this program. The program is offered by the government and the detail of application is provided by the local offices organized by the government. Therefore, felons can secure their children’s health through this scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which program offers a health scheme for the children of the felons?

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) program offers a health scheme for the children of the felons.

Is it run by the government?

Yes, it is run by the federal government but they do have some eligibility criteria that you are required to fulfill. Other than federal government there are different organisations as well who provide this.

Who is eligible for this program?

Children whose age is below 19 they are only eligible for this CHIP program. They need to be uninsured, and they must be the citizen of the country or legal alien.

The car insurance companies provide what kind of insurance?

The insurance companies that gives auto insurance mainly look for the high risk programs.

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