Debt consolidation grants For Felons

How Debt Consolidation Grants Can Help You Get Out of Debt if you are felons – Approximately over 38000 US$ worth of debt is calculated for the average American. In the country maximum people have the debt. Due to this the things become difficult for the people to spend their daily life. For the felons it is also very difficult to pay the bills and many other payments what they owe from the others, as because the interest rate continuously added with the balance and increase the amount. To overcome the situation there is a debt consolidation programs. Through which they can pay the bills. It is for all. Just they need to meet the certain requirements. Felons are also eligible for the grant programs. This debt consolidation program especially for the felons offer a certain process to pay the debt with an interest. This program makes the process easier. People of the country find that this program helps to reduce the stress of trying to make payments for multiple accounts in each month. This debt consolidation program takes all of the debt that felons are paying and they turn it into single bill.

What is debt consolidation grant?

This debt consolidation grant program are also able to reduce and /or remove the high amount of debts which is mainly imposed on the citizen or on the felons due to high interest rate of the credit card and ever-increasing costs. After finishing own blaming process for this economic condition which actually not done by yourself, at that moment, you are ready to take the first step to get rid of from this unwanted accumulated debt.

Process of application of debt consolidation grant for felons

The process of application is available in the government website ( This helps the applicant especially the felons to take the first initiative towards a bright and prosperous future. The applicant will start to enjoy their life along with their family. The professionals’ researchers who sanctioned the grants at help to prepare a fresh list of the grant programs according to the availability. After then applicants need to choose which one, they will apply.

Programs that helps felons with debt consolidation 

Capital one Debt Consolidation For Felons

This is one of the most popular credit card company that also offers the felons or the citizen a personal loan that can be useful to reduce or eliminate the debt consolidation purposes. Applicant can also look for the program if they offer a zero-interest credit card balance transfer’s process. It will allow to put the amount of the credit card of the applicant to one of their card and then do not need to pay any kind of interest for a certain period of time. It is actually for six months. This is one of the good ways to help the applicant to reduce the debt and not increase the amount through interest. To know about this grant, Click here to know more.

National debt relief program

If you are looking for some debt consolidation program then this organization will be the best option for you. They will help you to find a perfect option to get rid of debt that you are having. You can contact them and tell them your requirements, they will do accordingly.

Eligibility criteria of National debt relief program for Felons

There’s no eligibility criteria for it. If you are a felon and you want to have a solution to get rid of the debt then you are eligible for this.

Application procedure of National debt relief program for Felons

You need to visit their official website for more information. You are suggested to click here to know more.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is the largest bank and the institution that can provide you a loan to help you out from debt. You can simply apply for a loan that will be used to deduct your debt. They have some different interest rates and that will totally depend on the credit score you are having now.

Eligibility criteria of Wells Fargo for Felons

You need to be a felon who has a previous conviction record to get qualified for this program. You are expected to have a good credit score in order to lower the interest rate.

Application procedure of Wells Fargo for Felons

You are required to visit their official website to get the application form and other more details. Please click here to get information.


Just like Wells Fargo, Discover is another credit card company that will provide you the loan and they will help you to pay this off monthly. You will be charged an amount of interest on the basis of how longer you are taking to pay the whole amount. Your interest will be based on the credit score you are already having.

Eligibility Criteria

here’s no such eligibility criteria to get a loan from them. You are required to have a previous credit score and a felony record, that’s all you will need.

Application procedure

You can visit their website and apply for the loan. You should click here to get information.

Free debt program from Government

There are several schemes offered by the government that help the people with childcare, or else to pay the bills of the energy, and get the property ladder. There is no grant offered by the government to reduce the debt, but they offer several ‘formal’ debt solutions with legal framework that have already been introduced by the government of UK and also the Scottish.

Some of these debt solutions programs are informal agreements with the creditors of the applicant, which means that there is a flexibility to start or stop or change the arrangements at any period of time. For the formal debt solutions to become successful, certain regulations and conditions are there which need to be met by the applicant in debt and the creditor of them respectively.

Relief programs that help felons with debt consolidation

There are many other felon grant programs that offer certain amount of money to meet the living expenses, and many other things. This amount of money does not have to paid back. It helps to improve the quality of life. The government does not offer any debt relief grants, but they offer free money to pay off debt in that it will help to pay the applicants’ bills and many other things and also offers job to give the chance to increase the money and helps to pay the bill of the credit card.

The biggest grant program is housing grant program that offers vouchers to the people who meet certain requirements. To improve the quality. The local offices of the housing authority payd the house rental bills of the landlord to their account directly. Other government programs are there that provide long and short-term financial help to meet the bills including Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), the special Supplementary Nutrition Program  offered for a Women, child, infants, grant to pay the loans of the students and many other things.

The applicant needs to be aware of the offers to get the government grant programs. The need to continuously check the things to minimize the chance of getting suffered due to the fraud. Because there are several fraud things. It is strictly mentioned that there is no government program for credit card debt reduction and eliminate debt settlement and relief programs operate by strict rules.


Hence, from the above discussion it is cleared that there are the grant program that may reduce the burden of loan and their ever-increasing interest rate. The people even the felons suffer due to this. The programs help them to reduce or to eliminate the burden of them. There is only the private organizations that offers the program to pay the bills of the credit card. No government program is there to give the bills. The government mainly helps to pay other necessary payments to improve the lifestyle of the felons and people.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there any government grant available for paying the bills of the credit card?

The answer is NO. There is no grant program for paying the credit card bills through this government grant.

What a Government grant actually offers?

Yes, it is run by the federal government but they do have some eligibility criteria that you are required to fulfill. Other than federal government there are different organisations as well who provide this.

Who actually helps to pay the credit card bills?

There are several companies like Capital one who helps to pay the bill of the credit card. Although there are government and non government organizations who are interested in taking steps to help the felons who are unable to pay their debts.

How to apply for the debt consolidation grant program?

Everything about this program is provided on the government website. Just go through the details to eliminate the chance of getting suffered due to fraud.

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