$5000 southern filmmaker grant

Film grant programs that you should know: $5000 southern filmmaker grant is known as one of the renowned grants in the United States that helps felons to fulfill their dream by making films. If you have passion in making films then you have visited the right place as we are going to discuss the filmmaker grant and how to get it. You’ll be provided all the necessary details.

Movies are one of the most interesting things to do for relaxation when you are free. Everyone loves movies either by watching it to go to the theater or sitting on their own couches. Even if you are a felon, I bet you also watch movies and love to watch them. Movies tend to entertain people and help to get a break from daily boring life. If you are a felon and interested in doing something with these movies like making one of them, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to discuss filmmaker grants that are specifically available for felons like you.

$5000 southern filmmaker grant is designed for felons who are interested in making movies or want to be a part of it. As the name suggests, a southern filmmaker grant is for people who are currently residing in the southern part of the country and who are already a filmmaker or want to become a filmmaker in future. There are a total of 10 grants in each year that are worth $5000 each. This amount of money helps them to fulfill their needs and the measures that help them to become a successful filmmaker in future.

Eligibility criteria for $5000 southern filmmaker grant

MacArthur Foundation provides filmmaker grants to the felons who are interested in making films because film is such a thing that everyone loves. It’s a primary source of relaxation that helps to earn money as well as give numerous pleasures. If you are a felon and very passionate about the film then you can apply for it. It will help you to get some financial support if needed. But to qualify for this the basic criteria is you have to be a resident of the southern part of the country as the name suggests. There are a total of 10 grants available in each year you can apply for it and get qualified for any of them to be rewarded. There are few states where this grant is available like Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina.

If you are a felon and currently pursuing any kind of course then you are not eligible for it. This grant is only available for non college students.

Although there is no time limit for your project. You can work for a short film or long film as well. Your selection won’t be affected by the time length of the movie. 

Way to apply for $5000 southern filmmaker grant

You have to keep in mind a few things before applying.

  • You can directly apply to the grant by filling the form online. If you are having any questions then you can browse through it or email them to their official website .
  • They intend to choose a total of 10 people each year and provide the total amount of $50000. You need to check each and every information before applying so that you can get selected for it.
  • If you are planning to collaborate with persons or a team then you should send the application as a whole for everyone. There’s no need of submitting individual applications for this grant as the group will be awarded together.
  • They will ask for a sample of work while submitting your application for a southern filmmaker grant. You will be chosen on the basis of your previous work in this field.
  • You can have a whole year to use those funds for different purposes related to your career.
  • You should not worry about the budget of the whole film while you are applying to it. Suppose your budget is $30000 but you are applying for a $5000 grant. Your work won’t suffer from the disparity of the amount.
  • You can give a salary to yourself while applying for the grant. You just need to make a document on how many hours you are spending for it.

How to get selected and become successful?

It is quite obvious that many people like you are going to apply for it. Many felons can be interested in making films. You need to stand out among all of them. Usually you are required to submit a sample work for the application. What you need to do is focusing on your sample work which will show your true passion for filmmaking. There are many felons who have acquired the quality of a filmmaker and you are going to compete with them.

There’s a key to get selected. We are going to mention each and every detail for you. When you are applying for it, don’t forget to mention who will be your target audience and on which genre you are going to make a film. These tiny details will reflect your depth of understanding and your passion as a budding filmmaker. If they can’t find anything like these in your application, you will just not get selected and they will move onto another application as usual.

If you are a felon, this grant can be a life changing opportunity for you. You are required to mention your understanding on filmmaking to stand out among all felon help. If you get selected you will be awarded with a $5000 grant and that will help you to fulfill your dream as well as will rebuild your life.

Benefits you’ll get from this grant

You should consider yourself lucky if you get selected for this grant. If you are a felon and very passionate about directing or making films then this grant will fulfill your dream and you would be able to live a normal as well as successful life after spending life in prison. We are going to discuss a few benefits that you’ll get from the grant.

  • After receiving this grant you don’t have to worry about paying it back as you’ll be rewarded.
  • It helps you to gather credibility that will eventually help you in your project.
  • This grant provides you enough money so you won’t need to do a small amount of fundraising etc.
  • Your identity will be public when you will get this award so it will boost your popularity on the other hand.


We have already mentioned all the necessary details that you are required to know about the $5000 southern filmmaking grant. As we mentioned there are some eligibility criteria for felons. Any felons who are from the southern part of the country can apply for the grant through an online website. Although, students are strictly not eligible for this grant. You need to submit a sample work along with the application form as a reflection of your understanding about filmmaking. We are hereby suggesting you to focus on making sample work first before applying to it as it will decide your probability of selection.

There will be a total of 10 grants each year. You will be selected for any one of them. We hope we were able to give you the detailed idea about how to apply and what are the eligibility criteria. We believe this will help you to be more passionate towards your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell my film idea?

No, you can’t. You can construct the script by yourself and expect to get selected for the grant, after which you need to make your own movie or you can form a team to get support.

Are film grants taxed?

Film grants are not hereby taxed. Government allows the organization to provide tax free grants for filmmaking to the ones who need it.

Who pays for the film to be made?

There are distributors, brands, producers who are interested in promoting the film and they invest their money while making the film.

Are there any grants for filmmaking?

There are several filmmaking grants in various countries. You are required to search on the basis of your current location and you will get plenty of information about it.

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