$500 Cystic Fibrosis Recreation Grant

The Cystic Fibrosis Recreation Grant: Make The Most Of $500 For Summer Fun: The felons who are affected with the cystic fibrosis or if the felons whose family members affected with the condition, may be eligible for the  $500 Cystic Fibrosis Recreation Grant. This grant will be given to several people each year by the foundation known as Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation. The objective of the grant is to give those with the disease to engage in recreational activity and to help them so that they can live their life in an appropriate way.

The Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation is a foundation that that mainly aimed to support the people with the diseases so that they can spend their life in an improved way. This is a recreational activity. The organisation promotes this recreational activity as a way to be healthy. The foundation of the organisation in the year of 2003. In every year, they actually give the recreational grant and felons who have the cystic fibrosis are qualified to get them. This lifestyle foundation organisation mainly provides $10,000 per month as a recreational grant. The goal of this organisation is to one day able to provide grants to every person who applies for one.

Eligibility Criteria for $500 Cystic Fibrosis Recreation Grant

In each year the two grant cycles are given. The recreational grant request maximum up to $500 in most of the cases. The organisation allows for a request up to $1000 if it qualifies for the peer support. Only the fully completed grant applications will be further considered for the next round. If all the questions are answered with a photo, then the applications will be continued. Only submit the grant application only if they everything together. The felons need to provide the financial information for their household, and in one year cycle one application per cycle. The person who wants to apply he needs to complete the application by himself. If he faces the difficulty to writing it out, someone else help him to fill-up the applications but the major information needs to be provided by him only. Each year submission deadline is 31st March and 30th September. The application must need to be submitted by the midnight of the date. The fund being requested must provide as a support for the recreational activity. Beside the activities this grant also provides support for some classes for surfing, yoga, rock climbing, swimming, fitness and many other things. The grants also provide recreational grants for the gym membership.

Way to apply for $500 Cystic Fibrosis Recreation Grant

As already mentioned, that in a year two grants cycle are given. Felons who have the disease can apply either one or for both the grant during their recreational purpose. The one grant is offer in the first half of the year and another one is given during the second half of the year. The foundation is not able to approve all the application they received in a one-year period. So, it’s a good idea for the felons to receive their grant in early and re-apply if their application doesn’t select for the first time.

Felons who are interested in applying for the grant should need to get a letter of recommendation. This Letter of recommendation must need to submit with the grant application. Either the doctor, nurse or any other social workers can provide this letter of recommendation. Felons need someone who is familiar with him and write up a short letter stating that why they think that the felons should considered as an eligible candidate to receive the grant.

After arranging all the documents felons need to submit it all to the Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation. The application submitted in pieces will been considered for further analysis. All the documents need to attached with the application inside the packet when the felons are going to submit it. It is possible to download the application form the foundation website. After that the application must need to fill, with the additional supplemental information and finally need to submit when all the documents are ready,

The way to get selected for for $500 Cystic Fibrosis Recreation Grant

If the felons receive a recreational grant, they are not eligible for other ones withing the same year. Each person is eligible to receive only one grant in every year. The felons who receive the grant, they are eligible to pay for the classes along with the purchase equipment for the activity. However, they can’t reimburse the amount they spent in the past. This is felon grants for activity that they are engage in present or will be take part in future.

This cystic fibrosis disease stops many felons from getting involved in recreational activities, but it shouldn’t be. That is the reason, this organisation started to give that grant. Being involved in a recreational activity is a good way to improve the mental and physical health which improves the overall quality of life.


If the felons are interested in taking part in any recreational activities like sports and would like to get the funding to help his financial condition so that he can start the activity, then he needs to apply for the grant. These recreational grants are great to ensure that felons have access to being able to engage in sports, take fun classes and be active. If the candidate wants to train and run a marathon or they want to join a basketball team, this recreation grant can help make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

To whom Cystic fibrosis grant is available ?

This grant is available to those felons whose family members suffer from hard diseases.

How much will you get from this grant?

If you are a felon you get upto $500 through this cystic fibrosis grant.

What is the purpose of this grant?

This cystic fibrosis disease stops many felons from getting involved in recreational activities, but it shouldn’t be. That is the reason, this organisation started to give that grant.

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